Think about your business in a more productive way

September 1, 2018



You are busy. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. You go from one task to another with the knowledge that there are scores more in the back of your mind that you would like to do today as well. But you have customers to please, staff to deal with and tasks to complete. In this blog, I’d like to get you to think about your business in a more productive way to relieve some of this pressure.


Does this ring a bell? Does being busy stop you from growing your business? Are you having difficulty finding a way out of this cycle?

This is something that many business owners go through. It is easy to go with what you know. After all, you probably didn’t start up because you wanted to be a marketer or a financial controller. People end up working in their business instead of working on their business. It can lead to firefighting all day long instead on making strides forward.


How does this feel?

It can heap a ton of pressure on your shoulders. You move from one problem to another all day long, week after week. Your business can overwhelm you and make you ask yourself whether it is all worthwhile. Firefighting can do this to even the strongest business leader. This is why a change in the way you think can make a massive difference -


It can change the way your business performsIt can give you a great feeling about what you are doingIt can help your team to be more productiveIt can increase your revenue and profits

If we can get you to think about your business in a more productive way then you will end up with the results that you want.


How do I go about making this happen?

It isn’t easy to break a cycle when you may have been stuck in it for some time. The results you want for your business should be planned to ensure that you know what you are aiming for. Being busy is a good feeling for an abbreviated period of time. But when it happens all the time, you should take a step back and consider if you can work in a more efficient way that takes you out of firefighting mode and delivers you to a place where you can develop your business.

You may think that processes and plans are not for you, but every business can benefit from working just that little bit smarter every day. Often it is slight changes that can transform your effectiveness and move you away from dealing with problems and on to delighting your customers. Surely that’s what you got into this for! Think about your business in a more productive way and see the results.

Having a strategy to make this happen, and a framework to lean on will help you to understand the actions that you can take to stay ahead of the potential issues and get you working on the parts of your business that are the most profitable and the most enjoyable.


Think about your business in a more productive way…

A business coach is the ideal person to help you on this journey. I have worked with many companies of different shapes and sizes to help the owner and management teams understand how they can be more productive and gain a better insight into their productivity.

I can help you step back and look at your business differently. This gives you the opportunity to stop firefighting and take decisive strategic steps to grow your business in the direction you want. I’d love to hear your firefighting stories, and in particular, how you broke out of this paradigm, because it brings home the way we all have run our business at some stage – I know that I have been drawn into this at times during my business career. Fortunately, when this happened to me, I had a coach to help me get back on track.


Anthony Brown MBA

Business Coach

Robust Management Solutions Ltd


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