Our Approach

Initial free consultation
All of our services start with a free consultation.
The objective of this session is to get to get to know you and understand the crux of the problems that you or your company are facing. It is from here where we start working out how we can work together, what services and support you need in pursuit of your goals and performance improvements.

'BeExceptional' Business Coaching

Building on our first session and guided by your needs, we run a state-of-the-art diagnostic which covers the 7 dynamics of your business:  

  1. Leadership  

  2. Brand

  3. Finance

  4. Management

  5. Delivery

  6. Sales

  7. Marketing


With the outcomes from this and your inputs, we set well formed goals and objectives (looking at your business as a whole), and provide a clear action plan for you moving forward to achieve your results.

'BeExceptional' Executive Coaching


You will know the skills you need to support the development of you/your team to achieve success across your business; so, shaped by you, we will build a coaching plan to deliver this in the timescale you require. The program will be flexible and goal driven and will be delivered using NLP techniques within a coaching framework.


An outline of the programme will be:

  • Know yourself - DISc assessment

  • Setting good goals and success strategies

  • Developing a winning mindset

  • Positive and enabling beliefs

  • Leadership

  • Communication skills

Support Consultancy Services

To succeed, you and your business need to stay ahead of the curve and your competitors. To achieve this we provide specialist support services such as Project Management, Change Management and Training to take you and your business from where you are now, to where you want to be, in a sustainable way.

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